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Science @ Work works purposefully and more efficiently. In this way we save valuable time and costs for jobseekers and the employer. We do this through webcam interviews, among other things. No travel time, no extra (travel) costs, no day off required for conversations with us. In this way, we are a little more aware of time and the environment.


Science @ Work works in the Benelux for companies and research institutes in chemistry, life science, food industry and pharma.

Science @ Work is part of a Benelux recruitment group with a rich history since 1977 and 7 offices spread across the Benelux.

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Science @ Work helps and guides you with a first or next career move for a permanent or temporary job in life science, food, pharma, medical devices and (petro) chemistry. And that guidance comes with good professional knowledge, years of recruitment experience and an extensive network in the scientific sector.

Science @ Work works for A2, Bachelor, Master and PhD professionals for positions ranging from laboratory technician to lab manager and QA officer. We work for departments such as: Quality Control / QC, Research & Development, Production, Quality Assurance, Product Development, Process Validation & Optimization and also scientific sales & management.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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