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Was there ever an ‘about us’ page that made you instantly fall in love with a brand and immediately pick up the phone to them?

Probably not, because how much personality can you really squash into a few hurried paragraphs and some small black letters. But are we going to try anyway? Absolutely!

The very practical, no nonsense answer to what we do is; we’re an ecommerce recruitment firm. We consult more than we recruit. Know our community inside and out. Build relationships over clients. Work exclusively so it’s just you and I giving our all to each other. Recruit permanent, contract or interim talent. Stay up to date with the ever changing world of ecommerce and partner with the UK's biggest fashion, retail and luxury brands to provide the best digital talent possible.

The less practical, full of nonsense answer to what we do and who we are is; we’re a ‘talk too much’ kind of bunch. Creatives at heart who once upon a time were DJs, musicians, footballers, poets and painters. We’re excited about what we do and obsessed with innovation. We get our kicks by making shifts happen and between us we’ve got heaps of experience and are hungry to make our mark.

We’re new and growing, which is the opposite of old and jaded, so we’re bushy tailed and bright eyed. Ecommerce moves quick so we stay nimble and agile, shifting when the market does and before anyone else has cottoned on. We’re at the start of an origin story. One that is intimate and always personal. We don’t want to be thousands of consultants in big glass buildings. We want it to be me and you and us. We hope you’re down for the ride.

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