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We are there for hungry starters and social organizations who do not shy away from a breath of fresh air. A crazy mix between recruitment and academy of workers, a mediation academy extraordinaire. We discover the hidden gems of the labor market and develop them into effective professionals. With the right tools in hand, we place them within those socially involved organizations.

We like to leave CVs to vacancies to the old guard, it is not our style. We stick characters on organizational cultures. Discover common goals to fight for. Only then can we shake up markets and ensure that our people realize their plans for the future.

In short, with us you get the opportunity and the tools to pioneer as a starter. We place you for a one-year project with a socially involved organization. Help you complete this project and then grow as an effective professional. Are you going on an adventure with us?

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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