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SW6 Associates are the UK's Leading Recruitment to Recruitment and Sales Recruitment Agency.

At SW6 Associates we have over 50 years experience within the Recruitment Industry across our teams. Since we started up in 2003, we have differentiated ourselves from the rest of the Recruitment to Recruitment and Sales Recruitment pack by ensuring we build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with our candidates and clients alike.

Putting relationships and quality at the forefront of our methodology has enabled us to build a client base of over 100 of the world's leading recruitment agencies and media owners. Our clients trust us to get them the results they need.

At SW6 Associates we have placed recruiters and sales people across the UK and overseas, including New York, Sydney, Dubai and Singapore. We cover the entire spectrum - Trainees and Graduates right up to Board Level, including team moves in Contingency Recruitment, Executive Search and Media Sales. We cover a wide variety of different companies, from startups to multinationals.

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London, United Kingdom


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London, United Kingdom
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