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Since 2020, Talent Trade has started offering an online platform where clients and freelancers can find each other through supply and demand.

The client places a service, the freelancer carries out the service. Easy.

The team behind Talent Trade itself comes from childcare, both as a pedagogical employee and manager of locations and overarching management. For us it is therefore very clear where the bottlenecks are; in finding and preferably retaining good personnel.

"Why is it so difficult to fulfill our outstanding shifts" was a common comment. So we started to do something with that.

Through our new platform we provide qualified, enthusiastic employees who all work as freelancers. Because they themselves indicate their availability, a freelancer is always available to fill in services.

The freelancer has the freedom to set his own agenda and generate an income, assisted the client with a completed service. There is nothing more to be desired!

In this way, together we ensure a smoothly running cycle with low costs, the pleasure of working, following additional training and solving staff shortages.

Do you want to know more about us? Feel free to call or email.

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Haarlem, Netherlands
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Haarlem, Netherlands


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Haarlem, Netherlands
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