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TalentBox was founded in early 2018 with a vision of changing the recruitment market.

Founders Ben Darke and Edward Moore had both experienced working within the software industry and had witnessed firsthand the difficulties even best of breed companies had at finding and attracting great talent. They saw how things could be done differently, with improved outcomes for both Enterprise Software organisations and the highly-skilled candidates who work in the sector. ​

The creation of TalentBox was the result of this vision, and it was founded on a firm bedrock of customer experience and tangible success. Now, we help some of the fastest growing Enterprise Software companies in the world recruit talent from Sales, Pre-Sales, Marketing, Solutions Architects, Post Sales, and Management.​

​Today’s saturated tech market sees many companies struggling to hire the highly-skilled employees vital for growth. Competition is fierce, and the cost of mis-hiring growing. It is vital recruiters in this space have a deep understanding of their market, and comprehend exactly what their clients need from the get go.

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