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Founded in 1971, Talentmark is the first executive search firm dedicated to the life sciences market. Over the past five decades we have worked with Board and C-Level executives as well as life science specialists in more than half of the world’s top 200 pharma, biotech and medical technology firms to solve critical challenges. We have partnered with the world’s leading life-science organisations in over 40 countries. In emerging markets, our knowledge and networks have helped to mitigate risk and maximise the potential of developing economies. Through our offices in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the US and partnerships with other like-minded firms in key countries, we are able to ensure international reach with local delivery. We are proud to have led a number of successful pan-European and international recruitment drives. Recruitment is ultimately all about people and it stands to reason that we’d want to hire the very best ourselves. We are proud of our committed team and its exceptionally low turnover. In turn, our consultants are proud of their strong, long-standing relationship with clients. They understand the importance of both competency and cultural fit, and draw on extensive networks of specialists in life sciences worldwide to find and deliver the best possible candidates.

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Boston, United States
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