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A. Hofmanweg 5, 2031 BH, Haarlem, Netherlands

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Submit an application without result. A recruiter who carelessly handles your motivation letter. Recruitment in the Netherlands is not always viewed positively. We do not supply large numbers of technicians or "quickly shift some CVs".

The strength of Tasman Professionals is entering into and building lasting relationships with candidates and clients. Building trust together. Making the right match. It is a creative process and a typical consequence of “one thing leads to another”. Not a quick placement, but a long-term collaboration.

Our mission is to find the optimal match between technical professional and organization. We take this as a starting point in recruitment because we build long-term relationships with both professionals and organizations. Tasman Professionals makes the difference with this. The Professional at the heart!

Personal - Reliable - Professional - Ambitious

Our vision is to become the standard in Renewables Recruitment. Make the Netherlands more sustainable with the professionals of Tasman Professionals.

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Renewable Energy
Oil & Gas
Haarlem, Netherlands
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Haarlem, Netherlands
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Haarlem, Netherlands


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