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Muurvaren, 1441 SK, Purmerend, Netherlands

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TeqJob Engineering is part of the TeqJob group, which includes TeqJob Engineering, TeqJob Security Technology and TeqJob Management. On the job site TeqJob Engineering we only have current vacancies in engineering and work preparation. Common vacancies are electrical engineer, electrical engineering work planner, service technician and industrial automation engineer. TeqJob Engineering is a recruitment & selection / recruitment agency that only works on behalf of customers within technology. Because we come from technology ourselves, we are able to look beyond just the CV or a vacancy text. TeqJob Management is part of TeqJob. Our core value is that when mediating candidates and filling vacancies we look beyond just the CV and the Vacancy. An important aspect of good mediation is the culture of the company and the personality of the manager. There must be clear agreements in this for good mediation.

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Purmerend, Netherlands
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Purmerend, Netherlands
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Purmerend, Netherlands


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Purmerend, Netherlands
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