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Who's That? Starting from humble beginnings in 2013, the vision has always been 'to do it better'. We're far from your typical recruiter and for good reason, we don't want to be, and we're proud of that. Over the last few years we've firmly established ourselves as a market leader in Technical IT Recruitment in both the Netherlands and Germany (Amsterdam and Berlin to be specific). We're recruiters with actual personalities, who care.

To keep it really simple; We build technical teams. Whether you’re a start up, looking to grow, a scale-up ready to dominate, or a multinational in need of the best talent, we’ve got you covered.

We’re here to take the headache away from your recruitment process, minimise time spent by you, and maximise efficiency. Our consultants are passionate, and genuinely care about both the candidates and clients that they work for.

Below, you can find a snapshot of our core markets. If you’d rather register something specific, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Berlin, Germany
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Berlin, Germany
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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