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TPP Recruitment is a specialist, highly respected and well-established UK-wide consultancy.

Our areas of expertise enable us to provide dedicated support to organisations across the following non-profit and public sector organisations:

Charitable | Educational | Health & Social Care | Professional Membership | Awarding Bodies | Cultural | Housing

Our 50+ strong team of dedicated consultants and support staff specialise in the following functional areas:

Education & Training | Finance, IT & Facilities | Fundraising & Development | Healthcare | Human Resources | Leadership & Governance | MarComms & Digital | Office & Specialist Support

TPP has connected organisations and candidates across the UK since 1996, from our head office in London. Our culture is based on our core principles which are embedded within our teams and underpin our commitment to helping ensure organisations achieve lasting impact.

At TPP, we strongly believe that the best recruiters are those who genuinely care about what they do. We use our experience and specialist knowledge of our markets and company principles to provide an ethical and tailored recruitment service to both organisations and employees.

Our aim is that when you use TPP, our principles shine through in the service you receive. I take a personal interest in how well we maintain this promise, so would welcome any feedback you would like to give on your TPP experience.

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