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Truffle Talent is a forward-thinking recruitment firm who exist to search out the most superb creative, digital and marketing talent across the globe.

We have a client base which spans the UK, Europe and the UAE, we also have a global database of contacts.

We are successful because we listen carefully and understand peoples motivators - we understand every person is an individual and want to get under the skin of what they want from their next career move and why.

We are trusted consultants with over 15 years in the creative and digital recruitment business, we can offer you advice on your situation and help you to realise what options are available to you and the different directions you could take.

Our clients keep coming back to us because we are straight talking, knowledgeable, pro-active and in tune with our marketplace. We don't believe in the 'hard sell'​ approach, we are very organic in the way we work and we find our clients react well to this. Word of mouth marketing is the most valuable tool we have - If we can help you please let us know, if we have helped you please let other people know!

The areas we cover include:

creative, design, branding, digital, e-commerce, m-commerce, copywriting and content, marketing, data & insight, project management, product management, development, email marketing.

Please feel free to get in touch for the latest jobs, advice on careers or if you're looking for new outstanding talent for your business.

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