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With more than 15 years of work experience in the creative industry, we know what it takes to make your project or company a success. With specializations in tech, design, entertainment, marketing and finance, we can set up a complete team for you. Knowledge is power and you are who you know! 💪🏽

Are you looking for extra reinforcement for a certain period of time and do you want to remain flexible? Then you can hire staff through secondment.

Thanks to our network, large database and our friends & followers, we are able to create the right matches between the client and our professionals. Of course, this has been the case for flexible personnel solutions for a long time, but Vacature Via is also at your service in the field of secondment.

With one of the largest social followings in the market and certainly the largest creative network, we are more in contact with our target group than anyone else and we understand better than anyone what concerns today's (young) professional. We recruit candidates from our own channels, such as the aforementioned social media and our constantly growing database.

Are you looking for support for a fixed period? For a specific project, for example? We are in contact with ambitious professionals who are immediately available for various positions at all levels. Motivated specialists that you can deploy on a temporary basis from project manager to creative director, you name it!

We take over the recruitment and select the best candidates. The candidate can start working with you directly on a project basis, via secondment or a detast construction.

Vacature Via hereby acts as the legal employer of the employees, so that you are safeguarded from employment law and contractual risks and administrative obligations.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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