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Van Beuningen & Partners is a recruitment and selection organization that has proven itself as a leading player in building sustainable bridges between talent and organization. Founded in 2001, Van Beuningen & Partners is a contemporary Recruitment & Selection agency in Amsterdam. We work with different teams within six specializations. Our team offers consultation on difficult internal issues and has extensive knowledge, network and experience within the sector. We have a wide network, expertise and attention. This means that we are proactive in the market of now and the future and we know how to generate the best match.

Attention, Network and Expertise. After an introduction to the market position, objectives and culture of the organization in question, we compile the right job and company profile. Our extensive network and advanced information system ensure that we then make a selection of suitable candidates for the right vacancy and client. We focus on the competencies, development needs and professional possibilities of the candidate and map these clearly. During the selection procedure, we maintain close contact with both the client and the professional.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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