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Johan van Hasseltweg 10b, 1022 WV, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Every day we remember why we started. The foundation of Van Storm is shaped by our shared personal values; the core values that we live by and determine the way we work. Recruiting and contracting can be fast-paced and hard-hitting, but it doesn’t need to be, and we believe that it shouldn’t be. Yes, of course it takes determination and drive to deliver results, but from our experience we know that a personal approach must prevail. This is how we have built sustainable relations with our clients, candidates and employees. Honesty, openness and a set of strong moral principles is what keeps it all together. As a candidate you need to know what you may expect from us, from our clients and vice versa. We realize how major a step a new job can be, especially when relocating for it, so there shouldn’t be any surprises if we can prevent it. Furthermore, integrity means to us that we stay honest to our own principles and don’t waver in the light of apparent quick gains for example. Working together lies at the heart of our team. Our organization is structured to promote cooperation in every way. Internally, we don’t work with personal targets, only with a common company goal, so there is nothing holding us back in sharing information and helping each other out. This translates directly to the way in which we cooperate with our clients, candidates and employees. You will get the best service as we will use each other’s strengths, spark insights and bounce ideas of one another. Naturally we want our company to be profitable, but that is not why Van Storm exists. We aim to balance our business goals with social projects and investments, ranging from the direct society we live in to more global environmental issues. That’s why we reserve a set percentage of our profit for execution of these projects.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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