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Riedmühlestrasse 1, 8306, Brüttisellen, Switzerland

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At Walter James, we believe in a proactive and strategic approach to our work and are challenging the status quo of what has previously been a reactive industry. Customer experience is pivotal to our success and we create a bespoke service each time we undertake a new project that matches our client's and candidate's needs. We look to take the individual on a journey that further engages them at each stage of the process.

At the heart of Walter James are our people and culture. A Walter James employee is passionate, knowledgeable and a trusted advisor in their specialist field.

Part of the Recruitment Entrepreneur portfolio, Walter James has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in early 2015, expanding geographically and in terms of service offering. In 2016, we acquired the historic life sciences search firm Euromedica, which now operates as the life sciences arm of Walter James.

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Life Sciences
Logistics and Supply Chain
Brüttisellen, Switzerland
London, United Kingdom
Singapore, Singapore
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Wangen-Brüttisellen, Switzerland
London, United Kingdom
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Brüttisellen, Switzerland


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Brüttisellen, Switzerland
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