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We are WannaFlex, an agency that focuses 100% on the field of software testing. We challenge professionals in the field of testing, both permanent and freelancers. We do this through mediation or by training them with top international trainers.

Challenge Your Career

At WannaFlex we want to help people take the next step. Test professionals, but also clients!

For test professionals: WannaFlex is convinced of the value of a people-oriented and sincere relationship with you as a professional. By getting to know you as a person and by using our expertise in the test market, we know how to coach you in your career.

For clients: We want to challenge you to look beyond the immediate necessity, and will always work with you to find out the need behind the need. As a partner, we are an advisory sounding board and specialist in finding, coaching and proposing professionals who meet essential requirements: ambitious, experienced, the right hard skills and fitting within the corporate culture.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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