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Westbourne Partners is boutique recruiting company operating in 5 core sectors: Quantitative Finance; Technology; Artificial Intelligence; Fintech; Global Financial Markets.

We operate globally: from the West Coast of the United States through Chicago and New York with our AI, Fintech and Quant Finance teams, through to London, Mainland Europe, the Middle & Far East through our Global Financial Markets team. Our technology recruiting practice works primarily in London and mainland Europe.

Our headquarters is London, where we were founded in 2009. Our second office in New York City was opened in 2016, allowing an even greater focus on our local Fintech and Quant Finance recruiting businesses.

Depending on sector, we offer a range of services: “Search” and traditionally associated methodologies; Contingent Recruiting (which still accounts for over 50% of our revenue), Advisory, in the form of strategic hiring and retention advisory or recruitment-focused brand awareness; Focused market intelligence within clearly defined sectors.

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London, United Kingdom


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